Complete in-house capabilities

American Woods & Veneers offers clients
everything they need under one roof.

NY Millwork Shop

At American Woods & Veneers we believe that a company should be fully responsible for the product they produce. In today’s world of outsourcing anything and everything – from the means of production, to installation, and even customer service – American Woods & Veneers manages all aspects of your millwork in house.

Within our fully outfitted 20,000 square foot facility, we maintain complete control and proper attention to detail though every stage of your project, from design to fabrication to finishing.

This enables us to provide industry-leading quality, while delivering millwork to meet your schedule.

From beginning to end, you can depend on American Woods & Veneers.

Merging artistry with TECHNOLOGY

We’re fully automated; utilizing the latest advances in technology.

3D design and fabrication is one of the most impressive capabilities an architectural millwork shop can have. Our advanced technology combined with our expert staff, allows American Woods & Veneers to create millwork solutions for even the most challenging design requirements.

Using our 3D design software, we can model your complete project, allowing you to envision your millwork before we begin fabrication. Our software then seamlessly integrates with our CNC machining equipment to fabricate the parts needed for your millwork.

By automating the fabrication process we:

  • Cut intricate geometries for even the most sophisticated designs
  • Produce parts accurate to one ten thousandth of an inch
  • Fabricate with precision and speed
  • Deliver to you faster, reducing your lead time

This is how we excel over traditional shops.

American Woods & Veneers’ commitment to cutting edge solutions means your project will be completed with efficiency and precision, in keeping with our standards and your expectations.


Our expert craftsmen are specialists in all phases of the process.

Advanced software allows us to visualize your complete project in 3D, identifying critical details and optimizing the production process.

Traditional and exotic veneers are hand selected for quality and grain matched to achieve whatever pattern you desire — book, end, diamond match, sunburst, herringbone — the options are endless.

From concealed motorized systems to bowfront cabinets to fine custom furniture — and everything in between – we produce your most challenging millwork.

We also work in other materials, not just wood. Check out our Corian projects here.

Stains and finishes are custom mixed to your specifications. We are experts in the art of color matching and finish treatments—from custom stains to high-gloss polyurethane, and even polyester. And our multiple spray booths allow us to complete several projects simultaneously.

Cabinetry is meticulously installed, seamlessly integrating with your project.

We install anywhere in the NYC Metro-Area and deliver throughout the Tri-State Region.